Puppet parliamentarian Padmini pathetically off target

June 4, 2006

Bala Skandan in Jaffna, Sri Lanka

Tut, Tut Padmini Sithamparanathan! She is deeply concerned and saddened by the silence of the premier world organizations that advocate rights of children, the United Nations Children’s Fund and other bodies on the escalating number of children being killed in the North-East in Sri Lanka, for which she blames the country’s security forces.

What else will an organ grinder’s monkey do? It will only dance to the dull monotonous sounds ground out by the master.

Padmini Sithamparanathan goes on to say: “Vulnerable groups that depend on the support and voice of such world organizations are left helpless when these organizations remain silent when states perpetrate dastardly crimes.”

Padmini Sithamparanathan seems to be convinced that these dastardly crimes are committed by the state forces or other elements employed by it. This position appears quite far, far-fetched. But then Padmini Sthamparanathan is one of the Tamil National Alliance Members of Parliament, the LTTE puppets who among other things perform mock funerals and other morbid entertainment except to represent the people and be their voice in the legislature.

Padmini Sithamparanathan will do well to stand at the Kilinochchi Junction on the Kappang Highway and ask the Organ Grinder as to why hundreds of children are drafted into his fighting forces many of them force-enrolled and some even kidnapped. The world has begun to ask this question and isn’t Padmini Sithamparanathan aware of it?

If Padmini Sithamparanathan will dare challenge the Wanni Bandit establishment, our colleague Catapult Thangavelu who keeps surveillance on Kappang Highway between Muhamalai and Omantai will give her all assistance.


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