Have Thamilselvan arrested in Oslo for crimes against humanity

June 9, 2006

Well, well, well! LTTE behaves how LTTE behaves. Should that surprise any one? Can one change the stripes of even a four-footed Tiger. It is time Erik Solheim is held responsible for the conduct of the LTTE delegation. There is no doubt that Thamilselvan in particular, Nadesan and Pulidevan have their own agendas that have nothing to do with the question of the SLMM or even the peace efforts in Sri Lanka.

Despite all the arrangements made well ahead of time by the Royal Norwegian Government and the publicity lavishly given to the meeting between the LTTE and the delegation of the Government of Sri Lanka, at the very last minute, the LTTE pulls out, an indeed a predictable behaviour. Anton Balasingam will have enough to comment on it. He would have lavished an extra bottle of whisky or two on him in celebration.

Where was Rudrakumaran, the LTTE champion from the USA? Did he make it at all to Oslo to speak for the globally convicted terrorists?
If Norway has not understood this of the LTTE over the years, then there is something wrong with the Norwegian personnel because they have to be responsible officials especially serving the government of their country. Unless otherwise Norway has certain interests that are only served by what LTTE stands for, a mafia state in the South Asian region.

What has made it necessary for Thamilselvan, Nadesan and Pulidevan wanting to be in Norway on some pretext or other? Has this anything to do with some personal matters like their families and children who have to be away from Wanni for some reason or other? Or are some secrets are being conspired like arms and other assistance for Wanni? Are their funds arrangements involved? Or are these three getting ready to seek asylum in Norway and laying the foundations for it?

One wonders whether there is a leadership struggle in Wanni and may be even Prabhakaran is being cornered. If that is so, then he had good reason not to see Solheim. Where do Pottu Amman and Soosai stand in this development.

Reliable sources from within Wanni has made it clear that Thamilselvan is the man behind all the alleged Makkal Padai (people’s force) activities who are but cadres sent by him as political workers to create murder and mayhem among the civilians. He is also believed to be behind the killings at Allaipiddy and Kanagampuliyadi and the murder of the Superintendent of Police. This man has no mercy even for children. He is the man who wants a communal bloodbath in the country; and he is believed to be the friend of Erik Solheim.

What Thamilselvan wants is power, power at any cost. It appears that the Tamil Diaspora is not wiser at all to his machinations and manipulations and some of them, the arrogant minority, have the same mentality as this man. There are people in Canada and England who speak with the same ruthless mind as Thamilselvan. These are people who want to achieve power on the cheap and the run even if that means hundreds of children are slaughtered for that purpose, hundreds of other people’s children.

There is that man Daya Idaikadar for instance who was elected recently as a local councilor by the residents of a ward in Harrow, England in which the Tamils are a small constituent group. Forgetting his obligations to his electors, which means being involved in neighbourhood issues, this man thinks he is the LTTE member of an imaginary global legislature.

A few days ago, this chain-smoking showman insulted Mahatma Gandhi by holding a fast for 101 hours adorned in vermilion hue, garlands and all for which he obviously paid for in advance. He was like the lead goat at what used to be an animal sacrifice at Urumpirai’s Kattu Vairavar Temple. Idaikadar of course knew that he could survive 101 hours with his regular intake of water from a hidden crevice and there was no knife hanging over him. No wonder it came to be known as the Daya Idaikadar Show in London.

And now we have the Thamilselvan Show in Norway.
However, since how the LTTE behaves is well known, the Government of Sri Lanka is the one that must be blamed. The government has an obligation to the people of Sri Lanka. It has to overcome all its failures over the years including the rights of the minorities and pay attention to Law and Order in the country as a matter of great urgency.

If it cannot handle this situation, Sri Lanka must enter into a pact with India for after all the heritage of all the people of Sri Lanka is rooted in India and furthermore, India has a regional obligation. We have to respect this and work towards a good solution to the country’s many problems. There was never a place for Norway in Sri Lanka and never should ever be.

As for Thamilselvan, Nadesan and Pulidevan measures should be taken to arrest them in Norway itself for crimes against humanity and get them arraigned before the International Court at The Hague. What is needed now are strong measures against the LTTE menace and the man to go for is Thamilselvan Vijayan in Oslo for Subidcham


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