Solheim desperate to make Tigers talk

June 9, 2006

Tamilselvan wants Minister to lead Government delegation

The LTTE has announced, in Oslo, that its full delegation cannot hold direct talks with the the government delegation since the latter, is not represented by a Cabinet Minister. If at all, any direct talks take place, the LTTE would be represented only by its Peace Secretariat leader S.Pulithevan, since the government delegation is led by Secretary General of the Government Peace Secretariat Dr. Palitha Kohona.

The new development has pushed the government delegation into a predicament and Norway’s International development Minister Erik Solheim, after being apprised of the situation, is reported to be desperately trying to make the two sides meet each other.

LTTE delegation leader S. P. Thamilselvan claims that he informed government of Sri Lanka two weeks ago, through the Norwegian facilitators, that the government delegation should be represented by a Cabinet Minister. He blamed the government for failure to nominate a Minister.

Thamilselvan has further said that representatives of Denmark, Finland and Sweden, who form part of the delegation of the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission for the Oslo talks, should be removed since they are from the European Union which imposed a ban on the LTTE little over a week ago. by Dinasena Rathugamage


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