Pro LTTE media comes up with its latest innovation: Deep penetration unit (DPU) of Sri Lanka Army

June 10, 2006

By: Kalayani Diyasena

Amidst of the ever worsening leadership crisis in the organization Pro LTTE media are desperately looking for new strategies to cover up truth of the attacks carried out by the LTTE itself, contrary to the view of some senior political leaders in the organization.

Having failed in their previous strategies i.e; Para Military Issue and then the alleged Extra Judicial Killings; the innovative minds behind Pro Terror media have come up with their latest innovation- a "Deep Penetration Unit "to Sri Lanka Army. This latest addition to Sri Lanka Army have been created by Pro LTTE media as a measure for avoiding the responsibility coming to the parent organization of the recent wave of attacks .

Unfortunately, the behaviors of the LTTEs Political wing headed by Mr. Thamiselvan, Military wing headed by Mr. Prabhakaran (or possibly Mr. Soosai) and Intelligence wing headed by Mr. Pottu Amman do not seem to provide any support to the Pro Terror media strategies, in their painful struggle to prevent the reality of the LTTE coming out.

After reaching to OSLO whilst enjoying VIP treatments offered by the government, LTTE political heads, now hesitate to negotiate with the government. Perhaps they might not know what to negotiate when their military leaders are out of control in Wanni. But for obvious reasons the LTTE political delegation would love to stay in Oslo than to go back to Wanni; where they know the "Maniac" waiting for them.

Mr. Pottu Amman, the master mind behind LTTE’s "intelligent" operation and the " man behind the scene" of all pro LTTE media, operating overseas and in the country itself (including the "Head" media network and "Leader" publishers), seems to lost in old world war II stories on covert operations. Having failed to locate Colonel Karuna, Mr. Amman and his mob go on berserk killing everyone that has a different view form LTTE’s, calling them to be pro Karuna people. His well planned dramas of "Manthivu Killings" and "Allaippidy massacre" also failed to yield sufficient results as they could not get the support of the Tamil civilians in the area. Mr. Aman has a personal war to fight, thus he has very little interest in bringing peace to Tamil community.

Mr. Soosai, the happiest man in the world since Colonel Karuna estranged, has begun to emulate his beloved role model, Adolph Hitler. Hoarding innocent civilians by the rule of the bullet, ordering them to run few miles and arm them with clubs , Mr. Soosai and his mob train them how to smash a child’s head when they are sent on future " Mission" in Sinhalese or Muslim villages . Mr. Soosai has become so belligerent it seems; his mobs continue with small scale attacks to the FDL and carryout out claymore explosion using innocent civilians but without success and with heavy losses. Mr. Soosai has no interest in achieving lasting peace, he only needs the ceasefire, since it gives him more opportunity to score more marks from the leadership. Why should he worry about the lives of the Tamil people, he never goes to war anyway. Recently at one of his ridiculous ceremony of graduating innocent civilians with clubs and red head bands, he boasted "The Sinhalese will not understand when you say something normally, but if you make the Sinhalese to understand in the proper way then they will begin to understand."

Many claymore mines were exploded and many were killed in both government controlled areas and in the LTTE dominated areas, just after LTTE delegation left OSLO. Ironically, LTTE accuses security forces for all these crimes. Of course, the security forces must bear the responsibility for their inability to prevent such attacks in the areas under their control, but how they can possibly stop the violence in LTTE dominated areas, when the present cease fire agreement does not allow security forces to enter in to those areas.

Above all, if Sri Lanka Army can proceed to those locations far behind the LTTE defence line as they(LTTE) accuse, the deterioration of the command structure of LTTE is much more than ever anticipated by the defence analysts.


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