Give those cars to military officers

July 8, 2006

If the many consignments of armour-plated cars are counted, we should have around fifty vehicles which were ordered in haste and air freighted at tremendous cost to the tax payer to be distributed among members of the Cabinet including the President who were considered under threat from the LTTE.

It is evident from the recent attacks on the Commander of the Army and the Deputy Chief of Staff that the LTTE considers the top rung of the service command as prime targets for assassination. In the past, the LTTE successfully hit the leadership and those of the second rung who were likely to resist their demands.

It appears that the LTTE seeks to undermine the strength of the armed forces by taking out senior experienced officers, whose absence will leave the Army, Navy and Air Force under the command of relatively junior officers. It is not my intention to cast aspersions on the capabilities of officers to assume command when the need arises as it must under operational conditions.

It would be correct to conclude that the threat from the LTTE falls on the high command of the services and not on those presidents and ministers along with their entourage who enjoy the safety of armour plated Mercedes limousines. Some of the dangers that these politicians face might arise from the wrath of citizens who are burdened by the intolerable cost of living and their incapacity to handle the LTTE. -U. L. A. Gunasekera

Will the politicians who run these limousines consider the priorities and surrender the cars for the use of the service command before the LTTE hits their intended targets who go about their duties in tin boxes which are easily destroyed?


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