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Boat carrying refugees capsizes in the sea

December 15, 2006

By Walter Jayawardhana

Valaichenai Police said at least one child died and six others were missing after a a boat of fleeing refugees capsized off Eastern Batticaloa District.

It was not revealed why the boat capsized but Valachchenai Police said the many were admitted to the town’s hospital out of which the ten year old girl had died.

The people were fleeing from Vahara, where the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is engaged in heavy fighting with the security forces of the Sri Lanka government.

The ten year old girl who died in the hospital has been identified as Anandarasa Meena. Five others who were rescued from the capsized boat are also admitted in the hospital. Six other people who were also passengers in the boat are missing the police said.

Thousands of people who were prevented of leaving the Vahara area by the LTTE have managed to escape both by land routes as well as by sea, refugees who came out of the area have told aid agencies.

People who came to the government controlled areas have been sent to temporary refugee camps, the Batticaloa based refugee services said.


Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka hints Tamil Tiger era in the East is coming to an end

December 13, 2006

By Walter Jayawardhana

The Army Commander Lieutenant General Sarath Fonseka has dropped a hint to the media that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) will be driven out of Eastern Province.

Lieutenant General Fonseka is reported to have briefed the media that his troops engaged at Vakerai and kadiraveli in the Eastern theatre of war have over run two forward defense lines making the enemy retreat and cornered.

The army has indicated that the enemy is going through its final phase of their end in the Eastern Province that started in March 2004 with the departure of Karuna that has never improved from its gradual deterioration since then.

Many analysts believe that the sudden suggestion of the army commander would not have come without a strong confidence in the battle hardened commander that his troops are on their way to victory in their battles engaged right now in the theatre of war in the Eastern Province.

Without quoting him directly, the website for the media center for national security said that Fonseka is reported to have told the media that the insurgents will be driven out of Eastern Province so the people in the area could pursue their daily lives peacefully.

According to the statement, although the the commander did not reveal a time frame for the fall of the LTTE in the East many expected that to be imminent.

The website said the LTTE who escaped from Sampur have now retreated to Vakerai and kadiraveli from where they fire their artillery guns at military garrisons and civilian settlements.

The media center for national security website declared, this is not the first instance the LTTE has lost its hold in the Eastern province.  During the period 1993 – 1994, LTTE influence was swept away under the then Commander of the Eastern   province Brigadier Lucky Algama.



July 4, 2006

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Bomb explosion at Pannipitiya – LTTE Kills Deputy Chief of Staff of the SLA

June 26, 2006

A vehicle bomb exploded at Moraketiya Junction in Pannipitiya , around 08.00 a.m, today(26). Sources said that the bomb had exploded targeting security personnel. Further damages are yet to be confirmed. The explosion set a car ablaze.

Hospital sources report that 03 Army personnel including Deputy Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Army, Major General Parami Kulathunga, were killed due to the explosion . Casualties are yet to be reported.

LTTE terrorists are suspected to be behind the cowardly attack carried in the highly populated city area.

Latest reports say that four people including three Army personnel were killed and another five more people were received injuries due to the suicide bomb explosion carried out by LTTE, today morning in Pannipitiya.

People who received injuries were admitted to the Colombo National hospital, Kalubowila Teaching Hospital and Sri Jayawardenapura hospital. -Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka

 Source: Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka


They took my father away (Have you funded this terrorism?)

June 17, 2006

Photo: MOD Sri Lanka

I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye
To you, to tell you that I loved you, to say
What now my one long unbroken cry
They took my Father and didn’t think of me.
Source: Sri Lanka Politics


Sri Lanka Attack on bus leaves 64 dead

June 15, 2006

Suspected  Tamil Tiger rebels killed 64 people in a claymore mine attack on a bus carrying civilian passengers, officials said on Thursday, by far the most serious attack since a 2002 cease-fire.

Some 500 people have been killed since early April as talks between the government and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) collapsed and many now fear a slide back into the civil war.

Policy Planning Minister Keheliya Rambukwella, the government’s spokesman on defence-related issues, said at least 58 people including two Buddhist monks were killed while another 45 escaped with injuries.

Hospital sources said six more people had died in hospital, raising to 64 the total number of dead.

The bus packed with villagers was heading to Kebitigollewa town when it was torn apart by the powerful blast.

Casualties were high as it was overcrowded with people traveling to a weekly market, Rambukwella said. Source: Sri Lanka Politics


Sri Lanka: Vankalai massacre avenged….LTTE leader in Mannar has been assassinated

June 12, 2006

Pro LTTE media says that the big terrorist in Mannar area, named Mahenthi along with three more LTTE terrorists have been killed in a claymore mine attack, somewhere on Vellankulam – Thunukkai Road on Saturday morning (10th). The reports further make the usual allegation that Sri Lanka Army "DPU" was responsible for this attack along with many other attacks carried out, deep in the LTTE dominated area. It is apparent that Army "DPU" has almost captured Kilinochchi!!!!

Meanwhile the civilian sources revealed that this assassination was done by an advisory of LTTE to avenge the brutal massacre in VANKALAI on 08th June. It was reported earlier that Mr. Moorthy Martin the head of the family killed in Vankalai was suspected by LTTE for having connections with one of their adversary group which had set a Claymore mine targeting Mahenthi on 08th June at PERIYAMADU in LTTE dominated area.

Hoverer, Mr. Mahenthi had narrowly escaped from the claymore mine attack, but the whole family of Mr. Moorthi was assassinated in the most barbaric manner, to ensure that no adversary party would ever think of threatening Mr. Mahenthi’s life.

But the affect of LTTE’s barbarism seemed to yield unexpected results; Mr Mahenthi and his friends could only save their lives for two days after the brutal crime, even in their safe heaven in Wanni.

Meanwhile, all Pro LTTE media elements are all-out in accusing the Army "DPU" for all the misfortunes of their parent organization. One of their reports has gone to en extent that it charges the imaginary "DPU" for a claymore attack in Nadunkerni, at the door step of Mulativu. No wonder if these intelligent media units go on accusing this "DPU" even when their leader gets a mosquito bite at his hiding place.

It is still doubtful whether these media men by themselves, believe the story of "DPU" issue or they simply cannot accept the truth of the existence of adversary elements to LTTE.

Has everyone suddenly forgotten the existence of Karuna factor?