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LTTE preparing for massive attack in the East

November 2, 2006

During the peace talks in Geneva the Tigers increased their cadres and their heavy weapons deployment in Kadiraveli, Mavilaru south and Kadjuwatte North areas. After the Peace Talks in Geneva the Tigers escalated their mortar and Artillery attacks on the Kadjuwatte and Mankerni Army camps from their positions in Kadiraweli. These sporadic artillery and mortars attacks intensified but was repulsed successfully by the Security forces. These Tiger attacks reached its peak on Tuesday (31) and on Wednesday (01) with ground and aerial intelligence reports confirmed Tiger terrorist were precisely targeted by air strikes although pro Tiger terrorist media outlets allege otherwise.

With the increasing activities of the Tiger terrorists, there are reports that a total of 189 civilians from the Kaddimurichchikulam and Kirimichiya villages in the Tiger controlled areas have moved across to the government controlled areas. 156 Tamil civilians have moved to Punani and 33 to Mankerni to avoid being caught in the armed conflict which they expect will be launched by the Terrorists. 23 who have come across are infants. All these Tamil civilians have been given food, clothing and shelter by the Security Forces’.

These civilians have escaped to government controlled areas in fear of Tiger reprisals, attacks and being forcibly employed to dig trenches, bunkers, and build defenses as they did in the Sampur, Selvanagar, Mutur areas recently prior to attacks. These civilians have also informed that Tiger terrorists are moving their logistics requirements as heavy mortars, guns, and material for the construction of bunkers as well as anti-personnel mines and Claymore mines as they did before they closed the sluice gates of Mavil Aru on 18th July. The Tamil civilians also are aware of the well known practice of the Tiger terrorists to use innocent Tamil civilians as human shields to gain sympathy for their separatist struggle.

Although the Tiger terrorists announce to the international community that they are the "sole representatives of the Tamil people" while the Armed forces are the enemy. However the arrival of these Tamil civilians to government controlled areas proves to the international community that the Security Forces are their friend and the Tigers their enemy.

Tiger soldier escapees who have surrendered recently to the Security Forces and the Tamil civilians arriving during the past ten days and also the activities of the tiger terrorists in the past few days confirm that a massive attack on the Security Forces is imminent. On the 31st of October, two of the Tiger groups on a reconnaissance mission were killed and their weapons and radio set were recovered. These are the Tiger intelligence gathering reconnaissance patrols to finalize their attack plans.

Meanwhile, the announcement of the Tiger spokesman that they will soon recapture their lost ‘territory’ and the situation created by the Tiger terrorists indicate that they will launch their attack in the East prior to the birthday of their leader on the 26th. However, Tiger terrorists would have to bear the responsibility if they attempt to enter forcibly areas controlled by the Security Forces as it is their duty to create an environment to enable all communities to live in peace.

Meanwhile with the LTTE preparing for offensives in the East the, Sri Lankan Air force conducted precision air strikes today at identified tiger targets in Mannar and Kilinochchi to preempt the LTTE’s offensive efforts.

The first target engaged during early hours was a sea tiger base located North of Mannar and the target details were confirmed both by ground and electronic intelligence sources’ to the Air Force.

The other target engaged around 2.00 p.m was a tiger’s military training base located 10 kms South East of Kilinochchi.

The intelligence and surveillance sources confirmed as heavy damages to the tigers.

Courtesy: MCNS


Bomb explosion at Pannipitiya – LTTE Kills Deputy Chief of Staff of the SLA

June 26, 2006

A vehicle bomb exploded at Moraketiya Junction in Pannipitiya , around 08.00 a.m, today(26). Sources said that the bomb had exploded targeting security personnel. Further damages are yet to be confirmed. The explosion set a car ablaze.

Hospital sources report that 03 Army personnel including Deputy Chief of Staff, Sri Lanka Army, Major General Parami Kulathunga, were killed due to the explosion . Casualties are yet to be reported.

LTTE terrorists are suspected to be behind the cowardly attack carried in the highly populated city area.

Latest reports say that four people including three Army personnel were killed and another five more people were received injuries due to the suicide bomb explosion carried out by LTTE, today morning in Pannipitiya.

People who received injuries were admitted to the Colombo National hospital, Kalubowila Teaching Hospital and Sri Jayawardenapura hospital. -Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka

 Source: Ministry of Defence Sri Lanka


Sri Lanka: Vankalai massacre avenged….LTTE leader in Mannar has been assassinated

June 12, 2006

Pro LTTE media says that the big terrorist in Mannar area, named Mahenthi along with three more LTTE terrorists have been killed in a claymore mine attack, somewhere on Vellankulam – Thunukkai Road on Saturday morning (10th). The reports further make the usual allegation that Sri Lanka Army "DPU" was responsible for this attack along with many other attacks carried out, deep in the LTTE dominated area. It is apparent that Army "DPU" has almost captured Kilinochchi!!!!

Meanwhile the civilian sources revealed that this assassination was done by an advisory of LTTE to avenge the brutal massacre in VANKALAI on 08th June. It was reported earlier that Mr. Moorthy Martin the head of the family killed in Vankalai was suspected by LTTE for having connections with one of their adversary group which had set a Claymore mine targeting Mahenthi on 08th June at PERIYAMADU in LTTE dominated area.

Hoverer, Mr. Mahenthi had narrowly escaped from the claymore mine attack, but the whole family of Mr. Moorthi was assassinated in the most barbaric manner, to ensure that no adversary party would ever think of threatening Mr. Mahenthi’s life.

But the affect of LTTE’s barbarism seemed to yield unexpected results; Mr Mahenthi and his friends could only save their lives for two days after the brutal crime, even in their safe heaven in Wanni.

Meanwhile, all Pro LTTE media elements are all-out in accusing the Army "DPU" for all the misfortunes of their parent organization. One of their reports has gone to en extent that it charges the imaginary "DPU" for a claymore attack in Nadunkerni, at the door step of Mulativu. No wonder if these intelligent media units go on accusing this "DPU" even when their leader gets a mosquito bite at his hiding place.

It is still doubtful whether these media men by themselves, believe the story of "DPU" issue or they simply cannot accept the truth of the existence of adversary elements to LTTE.

Has everyone suddenly forgotten the existence of Karuna factor?


Pro LTTE media comes up with its latest innovation: Deep penetration unit (DPU) of Sri Lanka Army

June 10, 2006

By: Kalayani Diyasena

Amidst of the ever worsening leadership crisis in the organization Pro LTTE media are desperately looking for new strategies to cover up truth of the attacks carried out by the LTTE itself, contrary to the view of some senior political leaders in the organization.

Having failed in their previous strategies i.e; Para Military Issue and then the alleged Extra Judicial Killings; the innovative minds behind Pro Terror media have come up with their latest innovation- a "Deep Penetration Unit "to Sri Lanka Army. This latest addition to Sri Lanka Army have been created by Pro LTTE media as a measure for avoiding the responsibility coming to the parent organization of the recent wave of attacks .

Unfortunately, the behaviors of the LTTEs Political wing headed by Mr. Thamiselvan, Military wing headed by Mr. Prabhakaran (or possibly Mr. Soosai) and Intelligence wing headed by Mr. Pottu Amman do not seem to provide any support to the Pro Terror media strategies, in their painful struggle to prevent the reality of the LTTE coming out.

After reaching to OSLO whilst enjoying VIP treatments offered by the government, LTTE political heads, now hesitate to negotiate with the government. Perhaps they might not know what to negotiate when their military leaders are out of control in Wanni. But for obvious reasons the LTTE political delegation would love to stay in Oslo than to go back to Wanni; where they know the "Maniac" waiting for them.

Mr. Pottu Amman, the master mind behind LTTE’s "intelligent" operation and the " man behind the scene" of all pro LTTE media, operating overseas and in the country itself (including the "Head" media network and "Leader" publishers), seems to lost in old world war II stories on covert operations. Having failed to locate Colonel Karuna, Mr. Amman and his mob go on berserk killing everyone that has a different view form LTTE’s, calling them to be pro Karuna people. His well planned dramas of "Manthivu Killings" and "Allaippidy massacre" also failed to yield sufficient results as they could not get the support of the Tamil civilians in the area. Mr. Aman has a personal war to fight, thus he has very little interest in bringing peace to Tamil community.

Mr. Soosai, the happiest man in the world since Colonel Karuna estranged, has begun to emulate his beloved role model, Adolph Hitler. Hoarding innocent civilians by the rule of the bullet, ordering them to run few miles and arm them with clubs , Mr. Soosai and his mob train them how to smash a child’s head when they are sent on future " Mission" in Sinhalese or Muslim villages . Mr. Soosai has become so belligerent it seems; his mobs continue with small scale attacks to the FDL and carryout out claymore explosion using innocent civilians but without success and with heavy losses. Mr. Soosai has no interest in achieving lasting peace, he only needs the ceasefire, since it gives him more opportunity to score more marks from the leadership. Why should he worry about the lives of the Tamil people, he never goes to war anyway. Recently at one of his ridiculous ceremony of graduating innocent civilians with clubs and red head bands, he boasted "The Sinhalese will not understand when you say something normally, but if you make the Sinhalese to understand in the proper way then they will begin to understand."

Many claymore mines were exploded and many were killed in both government controlled areas and in the LTTE dominated areas, just after LTTE delegation left OSLO. Ironically, LTTE accuses security forces for all these crimes. Of course, the security forces must bear the responsibility for their inability to prevent such attacks in the areas under their control, but how they can possibly stop the violence in LTTE dominated areas, when the present cease fire agreement does not allow security forces to enter in to those areas.

Above all, if Sri Lanka Army can proceed to those locations far behind the LTTE defence line as they(LTTE) accuse, the deterioration of the command structure of LTTE is much more than ever anticipated by the defence analysts.


Unlike security forces, LTTE does not allow SLMM to do proper inspection – Helen Olafsdottir

June 9, 2006

Speaking to the media persons at a special meeting held at Lake house yesterday (08th), the spokesperson of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Helen Olafsdottir, stressed that LTTE is not a legitimate body that can claim rights in sea and aerospace. She further admitted the existence of an air stripe in the LTTE dominated area which is a serious violation of ceasefire, but she also explained that SLMM is not in a position to anything about it. Read full text of the news published in Daily News below:

(Daily news, 09th June 2006)

The LTTE has no rights in the sea or in Sri Lanka’s air space according to international law, stressed the spokesperson of Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM) Helen Olafsdottir.

She said they (the SLMM) had seen the LTTE air strip and that was a serious violation of the Ceasefire Agreement.

"The SLMM cannot do anything about the situation because of its limitations," she said.

Olafsdottir was speaking to journalists at Lake House at a special meeting organised by the Daily News yesterday.

She said: "Although the Government security forces allow SLMM monitors to inspect localities in cleared areas, the LTTE does not allow them to inspect localities in uncleared areas.

"We cannot function beyond the mandate given to us by the Government and the LTTE to monitor the Ceasefire."

"Our monitoring activities are stuck in the mandate when it comes to implementing the CFA," she said.

"We cannot change the mandate, we are stuck in it, and it is frustrating".

"The CFA may be amended for effective implementation with the participation of the Government and the LTTE," she said.

"The SLMM monitors cannot demand from the LTTE stating that they it should be given access to uncleared areas without their permission because there was no such mandate for them to do that," she said.

Olafsdottir also said they would not withdraw from ceasefire monitoring no matter how difficult it was going to be for them, until both parties asked them to do so.

"If it was not possible for us to engage in ceasefire monitoring from the North and East, we will monitor it from Kandy if we have to ," she said.

"If we leave out the country, the CFA will become invalid,"she added.


National war heroes Day Celebration on 07th June 2006

June 6, 2006

The main ceremony of national war heroes’ day celebration at Mialptiya in Kandy

On the national war heroes’ day that falls on 07th June every year, the nation salutes its war heroes, who sacrificed their lives, limbs and those who still fighting at this moment, in the battle against terrorism, to safeguard the territorial integrity and the sovereignty of the Motherland,

The main ceremony presided by His Excellency the President and the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces Mahinda Rajapakse is scheduled to commence at 5.00p.m on 07th June 2006 at The National War Heroes’ Memorial Park at Mailapitya, Kandy.

All patriotic Sri Lankans around the world are requested to light an oil lamp at 7.00p.m Sri Lanka time to remember our heroes, who sacrificed their tomorrow for our today….