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SRI LANKA ARMY SITUATION REPORT As at UTC 1030 (1600) 07 June 2006

June 7, 2006


Sri Lanka Army categorically denies the June 7th dated TamilNet report, which alleged that Sri Lanka Army troopers had moved beyond their government controlled areas and exploded a pressure mine targeting a tractor with civilians who were on their way to VADAMUNAI village from KIRAN.
The Army called the report a total fabrication since the SLA never moved beyond Government controlled areas as stated in that untrue report..

LTTE Once Again Fire At Muhamalai FDL

JAFFNA: TROOPS DEPLOYED IN THE MUHAMALAI Forward Defence Line (FDL) received a shower of LTTE terrorist small arms fire Tuesday (06) night around 7.00 p.m.
However, LTTE firing continued for some time and failed to produce any injuries or damages to the Security Forces.

LTTE Terrorists Throw Hand Grenades At Security Forces

MANNAR: LTTE TERRORISTS TUESDAY (06) threw two Hand Grenades at a security point at BMC Junction, MANNAR around 7.15 p.m.
One grenade exploded causing injuries to three soldiers and a Police Constable on duty at the post.
The wounded were evacuated to the hospital for treatment.
The matter was informed to the SLMM.   
The MANNAR Police commenced investigations.

Civil Security Guard Shot And Killed By LTTE

BATTICALOA: A SECURITY GUARD, attached to a civil security firm serving at the main entrance to the BATTICALOA hospital was shot to death by LTTE pistol men on Tuesday (06) around 3.40 p.m. while he was on duty.
The victim, SIVALINGAM RAJINI KADAN (26) died on the spot before he was evacuated for treatment.
Meanwhile, LTTE terrorists on Tuesday (06) around 10.15 a.m. launched a fire attack with four rounds of 40mm grenades and small arms fire towards the KIRAN Army detachment in BATTICALOA.
Terrorists however fled the area amidst retaliatory fire of the Security Forces.

Troops Recover More Hand Grenades

WELIKANDA : TROOPS ON ROUTINE PATROL on Tuesday (05) recovered an abandoned Hand Grenade from a nearby  bush in BOGEGODA-ARU, SURIYAWEWA, closer to SINHAPURA, WELIKANDA around 10.15 a.m..
The Bomb Disposal squad of the Army defused the Hand Grenade.
The WELIKANDA Police commenced investigations.

Suspects With Remote Controllers Arrested

PUTTUR : TROOPS ON TUESDAY (06) conducting  road sentry duties in PUTTUR, JAFFNA  arrested two suspects carrying 15 remote control devices with them.
Troops and the Police strongly suspect that those devices were to be used by LTTE terrorists for detonation of explosives against troops and the Police.
The suspects were handed over to the ACHCHUVELI Police for further investigations.
LTTE Cowardly Attacks Continue Mingling With Crowds

JAFFNA : ONE SOLDIER ON PICKET DUTIES IN AMMAN junction, JAFFNA received injuries on Tuesday (06) when a group of LTTE men threw a Hand Grenade at them around 10.45 a.m..
LTTE men after mingling with civilians threw the hand grenade towards the soldier on duty and vanished immediately after the explosion.
The injured soldier was admitted to the PALALY Army base hospital for treatments.
Meanwhile, LTTE terrorists have lobbed two more hand grenades at a static sentry point deployed in MANNAR town Tuesday (06) around 7.15 p.m. and injured three soldiers and one Police Constable.
Three soldiers and one Police Constable on duty sustained injuries following the explosion of the grenade and they were evacuated to MANNAR hospital for treatment.
All those violations of the Cease-Fire Agreement (CFA) were reported to the SLMM.

School-Teacher Dragged Out Of Bus & Shot

VALAICHCHENAI: A SCHOOL-TEACHER, who opposed Tamil Tiger (LTTE) conscription of school children in VALAICHCHENAI area was shot and seriously injured by a suspected Tamil Tiger pistol man late night on Tuesday (06).
The victim, YOGARAJAH SATEESHWARAN (24), who had received serious head injuries after Tamil Tigers hit him after he was dragged out of the bus, was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the BATTICALOA hospital.
SATHEESHWARAN was traveling on a VALAICHCHENAI-VAKARAI bus when the assailant who was following him blocked the furthers passage of the bus, dragged him out of the bus and shot him at close range.
The VALAICHCHENAI Police are conducting further investigations into the incident.


SRI LANKA ARMY SITUATION REPORT As at UTC 1145 (1715) 05 June 2006

June 6, 2006

Two More Tamil Tigers Killed By Troops In Retaliation

BATTICALOA: TROOPS WHEN CONDUCTED A SEARCH operation on information given by civilians on setting of a Claymore Mine had to retaliate by fire when the Tamil Tigers exploded an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) at the approaching troops and tried to escape Monday (05) around 4.00 p.m. 
 Troops on subsequent search found two Dead Bodies of Tamil Tigers, one 9 mm browning pistol and a Remote Control Device of a claymore.
Troops received no injuries during this incident.
The SLMM was informed.

Soldier Killed In LTTE Fire

MANNAR : ONE SOLDIER ON OBSERVATION POST duty at NANATTAN, MANNAR died Monday (05) around 3.30 p.m. when Tamil Tigers opened fire at him.
The SLMM was informed.

Military Points Under LTTE Attacks

JAFFNA: LTTE once again fired small arms towards the troops at KONDAVIL roadblock JAFFNA Sunday (04) around 11.10 a.m. at
Troops also retaliated.
Similarly, LTTE hurled two hand grenades and opened fire at the ANNAIPANTHI Army point in JAFFNA< /a> the Same day (04) around 1.45 p.m.
These incidents were reported to the SLMM.
JAFFNA Police are conducting investigations. 

Unidentified Dead Body Found

BATTICALOA: A bullet riddled dead body of an unidentified person was found Sunday (04) around 8.40 p.m. from NAVAKKUDAH, BATTICALOA.
The victim�s hands were tied behind before he was shot dead.
The KATTANKUDY Police are conducting investigations.



June 5, 2006

LTTE Fire At Troops Repulsed

JAFFNA: SUNDAY (04) around 12.15 p.m. troops at NAVAKKULI junction, JAFFNA were fired upon by LTTE however LTTE attackers withdrew when troops began retaliation.
Later, troops recovered two T-56 magazines, 27 ammunition and 07 electric detonators left behind by fleeing terrorists.
Again around 1.00 p.m. troops conducted a search in UDUVIL area JAFFNA on information received from civilians.
During the search troops recovered one T-56 weapon, two magazines, 56 ammunition and two hand grenades from the area.

Soldier Injured In LTTE Hand Grenade Attack Dies At Hospital

COLOMBO: SOLDIER WHO WAS ADMITTED TO HOSPITAL after being injured in LTTE hand grenade explosion Saturday (03) at BMC junction, MANNAR succumbed to injuries at the COLOMBO National Hospital today (04) early morning.
The victim, Private B.A.D.U.N. DE SILVA from BADULLA was on duty at the time he sustained injuries in LTTE hand grenade explosion.
(See Situation Report 03 June 2006)

Youth Escapes LTTE Detention & Surrenders To Police

AMPARA: A 21 YEAR OLD YOUTH who escaped LTTE detention has surrendered to the POTHUVIL Police station for protection Saturday (03) around 5.30 p.m..
He had been abducted from THIRUKKOVIL area on 21 March by the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) and taken to un-cleared areas for conscription.
Later he had been detained at a place near KACHCHIKUDIYARU LTTE camp where Tamil Tigers chained and tortured him after he refused to comply the LTTE demand.
However, on 28 May the victim has managed to escape from the LTTE and reached the Police Saturday (03).
He has further told that there are 13 more persons chained by the LTTE since they have rejected to join the organization.
The SLMM was informed.
The Police investigations are on.
(Name and particulars of the surrendee are withheld for questions of Human Rights and obvious security reason)

Civilians Refused To Pay Ransom To LTTE Killed

BATTICALOA: LTTE TERRORISTS gunned down two civilians at KALUWANKERNI, BATTICALOA Saturday (03) around 9.10 p.m..
Investigations revealed that the two victims, E.SITTARAVEL (42) and NALLIAH WIMALENDRAN, were killed by LTTE since they refused paying ransom to LTTE when they were in un-cleared areas.
The SLMM was informed.

LTTE’s Illegal Timber Business revealed

BATTICALOA: ON INFORMATION RECEIVED FROM CIVILIANS, troops with the assistance of Police arrested two tractor loads of timber that were being illegally transported today (04) early morning at VANDAMAOOLAI, BATTICALOA.
Six suspects traveling in tractors were also arrested.
LTTE has been engaged in the lucrative business of felling huge trees for timber in un-cleared areas, according to the arrested persons.

Six Prisoners Escape Prison

BATTICALOA: SIX PRISONERS INCLUDING TWO LTTE CADRES escaped from the prison today (04) around 7.10 a.m..
An immediate search is being carried out to net the escapee.
Investigations into incident are under way.

LTTE Kill Bus Depot Security Officer

BATTICALOA: TWO MOTORBIKE-RIDING LTTE GUNMEN shot and killed the security guard of the VALAICHCHENAI Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) depot Saturday (03) evening around 8.00 p.m..
Tamil Tigers who had gone there for some undisclosed purposes became angry when they were refused entry into the bus depot premises and wanted to enter by force.
When the security guard, VAIDYALINGAM MUJEEWARAN (26), resisted, Tamil Tigers shot him dead on the spot.
Another civilian, SIDAMBARAM MOKULAN (20), who was at the place of the incident at that time received injuries and was admitted to hospital.
The SLMM was informed.
Police investigations are on.